Would Manchester City get a replacement For Bernardo Silva Easily?

Would Manchester City get a replacement For Bernardo Silva Easily?
Would Manchester City get a replacement For Bernardo Silva Easily?

Manchester City is an English football club in the Premier League and is counted as the most-winning club since the league’s inaugural edition. Bernardo Silva is an incredible Portuguese professional football player who plays as a Man City midfielder in EPL, scoring goals anywhere. Silva has shown sensational and skillful performance throughout his career and has scored seven goals in 14 matches for Man City.

For unknown reasons, he wants to quit the Man City club and move to Spain to play for his native Portugal. Bernardo has an enormous fan following who desperately want him to play for Manchester City Football Club. But the club has a commendable policy of permitting players who wish to leave the team and want a new start. There needs to be a considerable replacement of the player that proves remarkable for the club’s success. 

This season has seen many changes like a departure of Bernardo would become trouble for Manchester City Club.

Why does it become so difficult to find a new player?

As Season 2022/23 Premier League is ongoing, finding a new replacement like Bernardo would be challenging, as every other senior player demands high prices amid the buyer’s desperation.

What happens if a new replacement is not found?

If this happens, there are chances that it would leave the club with just 19 senior players. A multi-talented player like Bernardo is sensational as he can attack even if injuries hit. So, hailing a final trophy this season would be much more difficult without him.


The potential departure of the prodigious Bernardo Silva from Manchester City underscores the challenges of mid-season player replacements, especially in a high-stakes league. Without his prowess, City’s journey to clinching the trophy this season might become an uphill battle.

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